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Backwoods Creek

Backwoods Creek is a six piece Country Rock band hailing from Surrey, UK, that brings a fresh, modern and exciting take on the genre in a place that it has not been mainstream for years.

The band was started in 2014 by Jamie (Lead Vox) and Yannick (Electric Guitar) and has gone through many iterations before finally settling with a group that really fits together both in terms of personality and musicality.

Their self produced debut EP "Stories From The Dirt Roads" was received with great response, and shows the bands diversity. From the modern Country-Pop/Rock elements in ‘Do As I Say’, to the old school sounding ‘Lonely House’, they produce a style that is uniquely their own. When performing live their energy is both fun and infectious, so when they’re original material is mixed with a few carefully selected covers they create an powerful and unforgettable experience.

With their distinct blend of hook-filled choruses and boot stomping grooves they will no doubt have you singing, drinking and dancing in a way that you will definitely feel in the morning!

Backwoods Creek are currently in the process of recording their second EP and expect to release it later this year.

Their current music is available for download/streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Bandcamp. All updates from the band can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

"These guys are talented, young, driven and determined and are just starting to resound on the UK country scene." - Nashville Over Here 

"They are a multi-talented bunch of guys. Musically they are a very tight group that work brilliantly together." - Cross Country Magazine 

"My favourite song has to be "I'm gonna get drunk tonight", any song that mentions Jack Daniels is up my street!" - Falling Stars & Lucky Pennies