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Ray Peters and the Smokey Turtle Band

Ray Peters has been on the UK country circuit since 2000 and has appeared all over the UK and abroad. Ray had always wanted to get a five piece band together for many years and the opportunity finally came along in 2015 when he joined forces with The Smokey Turtle Band. Ray was already working with Dean Barnes Lead Guitarist and Dave Hayward Pedal Steel Guitarist as a trio. He still does this with them in between band gigs. Dean had worked with the Smokey Turtles before and was a former member of the band and recommended Hannah Cope Bass Guitar and Pete Hedley Drums to complete the line-up. Ray Peters and The Smokey Turtle Band have appeared in many venues across the country and continue to do so. In March 2015 they appeared at the C2C festival and it was an amazing experience for them. In April that year they released their first album simply named after Ray and the band. It is a live studio album and has been very well received. They are now in the process of recording a new album which will consist of 6 self-penned songs by Ray Peters and 6 covers by Vince Gill. Ray loves to sing Vince Gill songs and has always wanted to put an album together containing some of Vince Gill’s material. The band play Country Music with a wide and varied repertoire which includes many off Ray’s own self-penned songs.         
Ray and The Smokey Turtles songs are played across the country and around the world on various Radio Stations. They are looking forward to continued success as Ray Peters And The Smokey Turtle Band.