Sarah Darling

Nashville singer-songwriter, Sarah Darling, will take you on a journey through aspirational, cinematic songs about stars, dreams, and romance as she makes her long-awaited album Dream Country. The term, Dream Country, was created by Darling to describe her smooth, escapist song writing style that crosses country, Americana, and pop genres.

Sarah has released several tracks commercially, including her biggest hit, “Home to Me”. She has performed 80+ times at the Grand Ole Opry, has over a million+ downloaded songs, and supported artists such as Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Vince Gill and Tim McGraw.

Sarah set out to make a record that paints a picture of where she is artistically, professionally, and personally. Her new songs reflect optimism, love and dreams in country style of songwriting that incorporates storytelling and imagery.

Sarah's own upbringing was in the small town of Mitchellville, Iowa, where her dream of music was born. Her favorite part of growing up in the wide open spaces was the big night sky as it drives a lot of her current inspiration. “There’s something magical about growing up in a small town that makes you dream about the incredible and feel connected to something greater. That’s why I love writing about stars.”

Away from music, Darling has underlined her remarkable creative versatility by launching her own French Macaron company, Sweet Darling Patisserie. It's a chance to take her Parisienne memories back to Nashville and share her love story.

Currently, Sarah has been taking the UK by storm touring with Ward Thomas. Her lyrics have connected with fans all over the world. There's an innocence and purity that captures the hearts of all ages.

Making Dream Country has been the most fulfilling musical experience yet for Darling. These songs bring a light, beauty, and honesty that is refreshing, and it all debuts in 2017.