Our Partners

We couldn’t make Country to Country happen without the support of our wonderful partners. So we’d like to say a massive thank you for making this year’s event possible.



Legendary broadcaster Bob Harris will again be compering the festival: "It is a very exciting time for Country music in the UK.  I am thrilled to be compering again and providing huge coverage on 'Bob Harris Country' on BBC Radio 2 when Nashville comes to London.  See you at The O2!"


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Tune into BBC Radio 2 Country, a pop-up digital radio service which will broadcast from 9-12 (midday to midnight) and will also feature live C2C coverage from the main Arena.



Comprised of more than 7,000 members CMA is dedicated to bringing the poetry and emotion of Country Music to the world.  CMA is responsible for the industry's most prestigious honors, the CMA Awards, organizes the gigantic annual CMA Music Festival in Nashville, TN, hosts the annual CMA Country Christmas television special and tirelessly knocks on door after door seeking to tell the world about the magic Country Music has to offer.  Go to www.CMAworld.com for more information.



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A company with core operations centered on sound and music, Yamaha delelops its unique technologies and provides them into the world!

Through its history that spans more than 120 years, Yamaha has constantly interacted with artists and music lovers throughout the world and has been committed to providing better products and services. Since the 1970s, Yamaha has been a leader in the musical instruments and acoustics industry through its development and application of digital technologies, while working on applications for communications technologies in "sound and music." Unique technologies that combine acoustic and digital elements, as represented by the SILENT series of musical instruments, have also contributed to finding musical instruments a new place in modern society. Yamaha has been offering cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are compatible with mobile phones and the internet since the 1990s.

While covering the vast are​a of two worlds - that of traditional musical instruments that have evolved over long periods of 100 to 200 years and that of the rapidly changing digital world - Yamaha develops technologies and regards their worldwide provision as the mission that drives its R&D efforts.

Sharing Passion & Performance.

Official Guitar of C2C.



Southern Comfort is the taste of whiskey made comfortable - a sweet, smooth and delicious gateway into American whiskey.

Southern Comfort was created in New Orleans in 1874 by M.W.Heron, a bartender who believed whiskey should be enjoyed, not endured. He took harsh whiskeys of the times and mixed them with his own blend of fruits and spices, creating the world's first liqueur with whiskey.

This year Southern Comfort is proud to partner with Country to Country and very much looking forward to giving ya’ll a warm #SouthernWelcome


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For over 200 years, the Buffalo Trace Distillery has been defined by a dedication to one craft:

Making fine bourbon whiskey.

Using the finest Kentucky and Indiana corn, selected rye and superior malted barley, Buffalo Trace is gently aged in new American oak barrels to create a perfectly balanced flavour of sweet, oak and spice, leaving a long, smooth finish. Simply everything you could want in a bourbon.

Best enjoyed the way you like it! 

Neat, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail. 




When it comes to music, Tennessee brings the foot-tapping, soul-saving kind - the blues, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, country, gospel and everything in between. Tennessee’s creative spirit is the stuff America was built on. It is infused into every sip of Tennessee Whiskey and every bite of “I’ve-died-and-gone-to-heaven” barbeque. The state’s beauty is highlighted by America’s No. 1 most visited national park - Great Smoky Mountains - and scenic rivers that sculpt the landscape.




Pin-Up Brewing Co. Brewing since 2011. A 10bbl brewery based just outside Brighton on the south coast offering a range of cask, Keg and bottled beers.

Operating retro 60's Airstream trailer bars and more at cracking music venues throughout the UK serving our core range of beers, other local and imported speciality beers. Come a see us and we'll find a beer for you!